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Michael Bothager


Vanguard Music Festival last weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Audience listeneing to Nikolaj Hess, Marc Mommaas, Masa Kamaguchi and Tyshawn Sore during Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2014.

Claus Buhr, TV news reporter, in the streets outside a court house in Copenhagen, Denmark. Shot while on assignment for Berlingske. 

The Oslo Ferry at dock in Copenhagen. Side shot while on assignment at KPMG’s danish HQ.

Man dancing in the streets at the Distortion Street Party in Copenhagen.

Nancy looking at some jeans, she got from a second hand store.

A minister not so sinister. Newly appointed Minister of Culture, Marianne Jelved, prepares for her first official function in this ministry.

The Man in the Hole (fixing a burst water mains in Copenhagen).

A little late, but some pix’s from saturdays (10/15/2011) protests in Copenhagen, Denmark.