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Michael Bothager


Funeral - I don’t know any photographers who enjoys photographing a funeral, including me. But alas, sometimes the assignment takes me there. My condolences to the bereaved family and friends.


James Dean, NYC, 1955 —printing annotations by Pablo Inirio

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Dennis Stock

Finnish jazz pianist Iiro Rantala plays with “European Friends” at Jazzhouse Montmartre during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

Denmark, 21.06.2013, Lions Club Denmark awards a grant of DKK 600.000 for blindness research related to diabetes. The grant is presented by His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark. Members of the danish chapters of Lions Club waits for HRH Prince Henrik at Fredensborg Palace.

Red Carpet in Copenhagen, Denmark - Dennis Knudsen turned 50 Sunday June 9th, and held a party for 350+ friends and celebrities.

A member of the Danish Pirate Party in front of the Parliament Building in Copenhagen, Denmark. He and about 1.000 other protesters (journalists, politicians and others) rallied against the suggested changes to the legislation of public access to government documents, an amendment nicknamed “The Blackout Law”.

Hanging out with my cool nephews in Sweden…

Adjunct Professor Mads Øvlisen, Copenhagen Business School, for Berlingske Media

Primary School Teachers, pupils, parents and other supporters manifests their protests against the broken down accord negotiations between the Danish Teachers Union and Local Government Denmark. A group of protesters has dressed up in hazard suits to signal that the Local Government Denmark’s actions is “toxic” to the danish model of negations between employee- and employer organizations.

The Waiting Game in Copenhagen Airport

Le Dog Pooh-Pooh

Came across this during a short weekend stay in Stockholm, Sweden. The male owner had no intentions of collecting the dog’s little “present”.



Each of these images are an entire roll of film diligently shot frame-by-frame!

You can see Thomas Keller’s sketches that he used to plan out just how he was going to shoot each roll. 

If you’re into these, check out our feature on Martin Wilson’s contact sheet art.

A Single Image Made on an Entire Roll of Film

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This is cool…

A minister not so sinister. Newly appointed Minister of Culture, Marianne Jelved, prepares for her first official function in this ministry.

I’ve justed started on a new project - Guide Dogs. I’m experiencing a fascinating and fantastic relationship between the guide dogs and their handlers, with co-dependency, trust and affection.

Stay tuned for more ;o)